I am always amazed at how a day can start great and then turn ugly.  Also how a day can start on the wrong side of the bed and turn glorious. In our day and in our lives, transformation is possible.  I am no theologian or biblical scholar, but just look at David– he went from shepherd to slayer of giants.  Daily, in his Psalms he goes from triumphant to humble, from victorious to hated and hunted, from being in the pits and wishing for death, to being in the shelter of God’s wings and the peaks of His mountaintops. Also, he went from king and faithful servant, to murderer and adulteress. Transformation is a choice.  He could’ve stayed the murderer and adulteress but he chose to again move from that to repentant heart and to understanding the need for redemption.  In this, I know he was a man after God’s heart. He was a man who truly saw the need to daily take up the cross and, if given the chance, could understand the price that Christ paid for us.

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