Julie's Dad

You hear people say , “Take time to smell the roses.”—I wonder about this phrase.


We never have enough of it.

We lose track of it.

We rarely spend it doing the things we really want to.

We will never know how precious it is until we get “that call.”

My dad was one of those guys who salvaged everything; (to call him “frugal” is a vast understatement!). He would duct tape things together to get a few more uses out of it. He would even re-use duct tape!  He lived down the street from a greenhouse.  He would go to the back of the greenhouse after hours and salvage through the plants that they threw out. He planted two gardens using this method. His garden, his patio and his plant room were filled with these salvaged beauties that bloomed under  his care. He was the busiest man I knew. He always had a “to do” list; actually he had like five or six of these lists.  It was when he got “that call” that I believe  he understood the phrase about the roses.

Jesus is referred to as many things: wise counselor, the good shepherd, savior, fisher of men, friend, and so on…I think Jesus is also a gardener. He finds us when the world has tossed us on the heap of things “not good enough.” He salvages us and we blossom like a rose under His care.

As Easter approaches and coming up on the anniversary of my father’s passing, I take more time to smell the roses—they are a reminder to me of all things precious.

In memory of Lawrence M. Stoddard 12/5/1941-3/30/2008

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