David v. Goliath


I love it when people do the right thing. I love it even more when people do the right thing without being asked and in the face of adversity. It’s sad when people have to threaten legal action to get the right thing done. I believe there is something more powerful than our legal system and that is social media. That’s why I’m writing this.

I love taking trips. Our bags were packed and we were ready to go on a “bucket list” trip to Washington DC to run a half marathon and to see our country’s great sites. Hurricane Florence had other ideas for our trip. As we watched the weather, we were prepared to run, rain or shine. And the money we spent on the run specifically stated no refunds would be issued – rain or shine. Forty-eight hours before Florence hit and states of emergency were declared across all the states we were heading to, our race was canceled.

Airports closed, flights were canceled and our hopes of traveling to the area were squelched. Lansdowne Resort in Virginia refunded us 100% of the money paid for our rooms for 4 nights. Groupon offered reimbursements for the money we spent for the tours. The folks at the DIVA run offered us options to at get something for the money we spent on the race that could not happen, in spite of their policy of no refunds rain or shine. Lansdowne Resort, Groupon and those at the DIVA run did the right thing in the face of adversity.

Now for the people who didn’t do the right thing and where I’m counting on social media to help spread the word. Before we made our reservation at TM luxury suites International in Washington DC through booking.com, we looked at all the reviews and they seemed really great. I guess it’s easy to write a great review when no adversity strikes. Enter Florence.

It has now been over a month since our bucket list trip got canceled and booking.com and TM luxury suites are still refusing to reimburse us the almost$500 for two nights at this place. Booking.com, after multiple calls and e-mails and we provided evidence of all the cancelation documents and proof of the charges, offered $120…IF I charged them them amount of time I spent on hold with them at my working hours rate, it still doesn’t even come close to being the right thing.

We’ve sent countless emails and had hours and hours of conversations at booking.com and with Sara, the manager at TM luxury suites. Sara is even refusing to refund the $99 cleaning fee for a place that we never even set foot in!! Booking.com doesn’t want to budge because TM luxury suites has a policy about their refunds. I understand all that, sort of, but again, I think about the people who did the right thing in this adverse circumstance AND in spite of their policies and refunded a hundred percent of our money.

$500 may not seem a lot, and it really isn’t when you see everything that people are going through in that area. And then again, I take a look now at Hurricane Michael. Again, I am amazed at all the people who are doing the right thing and in the face of adversity. And for those who don’t do the right thing, that’s where we need to count on social media to warn us to spend our money in other areas.

Please support places like Lansdowne Resort, Groupon and the DIVA run, (running for those with breast cancer.) 




In America,we have the freedom to warn people about those who don’t do the right thing. And we have the ability to focus on those who DO THE RIGHT THING WHEN NO ONE IS LOOKING. And choice of where we spend our hard earned money. Use your dollars and to spend them where people do the right thing. 



October is Breast Cancer/Cancer Awareness month.
Through FaceBook, Carrie Ann Coomes-Kemp shares her story and we’ve seen her “warrior” against breast cancer. Every day.
Saturday, October 5th we lost a friend, Colleen McEahern, to cancer.
Also on Saturday, October 5th, I gulped down tears (and a Coors light in Colleen’s honor,) as the Avett Brothers played Paul Simon’s “Slip Slidin’ Away” :

“I know a woman
Became a wife
These are the very words she uses
To describe her life
She said a good day
Ain’t got no rain
She said a bad day’s when I lie in bed
And think of things that might have been”

If you have cancer, or if someone you love has it, every second of every day is Cancer Awareness.

She nearly died TWICE “on my watch” on two different trips to Arizona.

Very frightening for a granddaughter to see in her beloved grandmother.

She enjoyed long talks with the Avon lady, days at the hair salon with Desi, gambling at the penny machines “up on the hill” and anything with family.
She loved gifts, butterflies, shoes, the color purple, scary movies, buttered popcorn, chewy brownies, grandpa, angels, Jesus and, did I mention she loved gifts? 8)
Because we loved her so much, we all competed to give her great and creative gifts.

She gave me the very best gift.

Born October 13,1927, she would say, “Thirteen is my lucky number. It’s the day God placed me in this life.”

Before every NFL team wore pink in support of it, before Susan G. Komen made #savetheboobs a communal rally-cry and before every school had a “pink week” to raise money, my grandmother got her first (of several) cancer diagnoses. Aggressive breast cancer at 41 years of age. There was no 5K run in support. Her co-workers didn’t shave their heads to encourage her. This was before people were aware.

She didn’t drive. She carpooled with a “gentleman” to her government job. After she was diagnosed and began her treatments, (that she rode the bus to!), her carpooling partner explained he had to quit taking her to work because he couldn’t risk catching what she had.
This was before reconstructive surgery was “approved.” They took her breast, lymph nodes and so much tissue (including scraping a rib or two) that they developed a bodysuit for her to make her look “normal.” You could say she was the impetus of the original Wonder Bra!–She survived this treatment (from doctors and from co-workers) and persevered through many more cancer diagnoses and treatments. Eleven major surgeries in twenty years.
I never once heard her complain. Not even when she lost every single strand of her hair (which happened with Desi at the hair salon.) My grandmother fixed her jaw and stood strong while she watched as Desi wept.

Lucky 13?

The letter is green and hand addressed to me in Arizona and bears her characteristic, barely decipherable, chicken-scratch lettering. It is written on paper embossed with butterflies:
“…The rooms were great and I won just enough so that I didn’t have to spend a lot. Eleanor took $650.00 and I had $450.00. We didn’t want to carry that much in our billfolds so we devised a scheme. We hid it all in my fake boob behind and under my fake silicone boob. Eleanor called it our boob safe. I had a nice birthday and your mom cooked a great dinner for us as usual…”

She gained strength through every trial. She was an over-comer and had such humor about life.

I am 22 and we are in a red velvet lounger at a buffet in Las Vegas enjoying some special grandma/granddaughter time. I asked her how she could be so strong.
She said, “Your grandpa and I have seen so many of our friends and family die, we know each day here is a gift.”

Just after we nearly lost her in Arizona, they released her into my care so she could gain strength to return to Denver. She slept in my bed while I slept on the air mattress and brought her soups and cheese and crackers. We played cards and talked about life.
I had to know, “Did you see the light?”
She smiled. She said she knew where she was going. She was at peace. She soon would be with the Lord, but she remained because my mom and uncle weren’t ready.
She passed away shortly after her return to Denver.
She shared her attitude with all who would listen for 74 years before she “slip slided away.”
It was my grandmother’s “gift of gab” that endeared her to so many (and it was what drove us a little crazy.) One time I counted; she told me the same story FIVE times!
I would give all I own to have her back now and to hear one of her stories. But I know, deep in my bones, because of her faith, that where she is–sickness, sorrow and pain no longer pursue her. She is in the Lord’s presence.

What a gift.

An article from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association addresses this very thing, “Heaven is the place of perfect happiness — and one of its greatest joys will be our reunion with those who have gone there before us. God loves us, and He won’t withhold that joy from us!” (from BillyGraham.org)

“Slip slidin’ away
Slip slidin’ away
You know the nearer your destination
The more you’re slip slidin’ away”

The next time someone you love is driving you a “little batty”—remember it’s these little things that make them so endearing; so treasured and so unique when they are gone.

Because of the free gift of grace offered in Jesus Christ, I know that one day I will be able to laugh with my grandma and hear her stories for all eternity.

Pretty darn lucky.

In loving memory of Nancy Sterkel 10/13/27-4/30/01

And in honor of all the Valiant Warriors who have and who are battling cancer.