“Multi-tasker Extraordinaire.” That was how I characterized myself several years ago. I actually prided myself in being given this title by several people in my life.–I could be simmering organic quinoa breakfast on the stove, downloading the latest health articles, sending out e-mails, memorizing flash cards for school, playing with the cat and applying mascara—all concurrently and all at light-speed.

I liked that title until I nearly burned up the kitchen because I forgot about my simmering quinoa while doing those five other things. So, I downloaded (while eating breakfasts and doing make-up) an article that spoke of how multi-tasking actually makes you stupid. (–As if I needed proof after the kitchen incident.) Hmm…

In synopsis, the article explained that brain stimulation is decreased when attending to multiple things. It would appear, as one multi-tasks, that the brain becomes numb.

Add in stress and you may have a kitchen fire!

The other day, a friend of mine was leaving a voice message at a business and she absentmindedly recited her social security number instead of her phone number! She didn’t even realize it until I pointed it out.
Too much on your mind and, SHAZAAM!—numb.

When was the last time you quieted your body and mind?

I think this is one of the reasons Yoga has become so popular. People need balance desperately in this fast-paced, fast-food, hi-speed world. If people understood the benefits of quieting their hearts and re-focusing their mind, maybe that whole “peace thing” could have a chance…

A new trend in Yoga is to couple the practice with Bible Scriptures.

“Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10)

When we quiet our minds, we give God the opportunity to be heard. He still speaks. We just so often are numbed to hearing Him.

It’s difficult work. I still find juggling multiple things appealing, but I also find how much I drop when I don’t begin with balance.

When I take the time to be still with God—quiet time to pray, journal, read His Word and simply be still with Him—I find balance. I have a clearer mind and more productive day. (Ahh—Always the temptation to be more productive—I admit I am still in recovery 😉 But, the truth is I have more peace, and maybe that allows me to feel more of that balance and the productivity is the result.

I am a work-in-progress. I don’t always strike that balance. But, on those days when I adhere to more time with God and leave the e-mail unchecked, skip playing with the (now two) cats and without even having enough time left to check the color of my shoes; I walk out the front door with a steadied mind. And, the peace I have the rest of that day as I look down and my two different colored shoes?